Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The brain is the part which brings together information and analyses, controlled and managed by the most restricted body and kala is the source for the production of new information and the brain is the animals, and often politicians brain preserved skull inside the head, and the brain is the main part of the nervous system. There are three groups of animals have brains are vertebrates and Seed legs (such as insects and العنکبوت) and the number of invertebrates and cephalopods (of mollusks) Cephalopod. And other invertebrates have no brains, rather than to have to hold rallies neurological single.


HD DVD, or digital video CDs super precision is a high-density optical disks are designed to store information and videos high accuracy. Area of cylinder 15 gigabytes (one layer) and 30 GB (two layers). This type of the following body in a de rival Blu-ray disks, which is another type of storage bodies of large files. The disk capacity of 15 gigabytes to store films assurances of a clear four hours in one class. Approved this type of CD in 2003 by the DVD Forum building on the techniques of "Advanced Optical Disc" produced by Toshiba and NEC. HD DVD uses laser colour purple or blue. Supports HD DVD video coding systems, such as more advanced H.264 and VC-1, in addition to MPEG-2 used in DVD. Of the benefits of HD DVD salient it is advanced version of the traditional DVD. Raised actuators for the first HD DVD in the United States in 2006. Microsoft has made in the same year of this type of disk option for the Xbox games 360. Such as CD-ROM and DVD and Blue opinion, there are three options for HD DVD are: Read-only (HD DVD-ROM) Registration once (HD DVD-R) Disk for re-registration (HD DVD-RW)


The word "forex" means speculation in the foreign exchange market or the stock market in the world for foreign money short, which suited for the word in the English language is "Foreign Exchange market" And be speculation by buying and selling currencies basic acquire basic share from operations in the forex market is the dollar base currency, the euro, the pound sterling and Swiss franc and the Japanese yen. Buying and selling those currencies and the U.S. dollar or other currencies among themselves, which defines spouses of currencies and the dollar or any American currency against other currency value. , Is speculation in currencies earn from trade on the stock market, and also the most risky, because of the rapid fluctuations in the currencies of the upward trend to trend downward, or vice versa. In addition to the currency market there are other types of stock exchanges are: gold and silver exchanges, Petroleum Exchange, shares and bonds, agricultural and energy. The currency exchanges are characterized by various indicators and technical analysis, news analysis and rapid access to the profits. The daily volume of currency trading in the forex market to reach $ 3 trillion The forex market is not a market literal sense of the word, since it has no center, no place has a certain exercise a trade. The trading exercised through contact telephone and Internet computer at one time among hundreds of banks around the world. Hundreds of jobs and sold dollars to buy every few seconds, and this is the so-called trading currencies. Forex market combining four regional markets: Australian and Asian, European and American. And continue operations where all trading days of work, and the market operates around the clock 24 hours a day. And the relative calm from 20:00 pm until 01:00 GMT, and was due to the closure of the New York Stock Exchange eighth in the evening and start work on the Tokyo Stock Exchange one o'clock. And the changes of exchange rates, which helps large multinational to do some business operations during one day. It is known that the large declines influence on the financial markets, which could lead to the collapse of shares or bonds. The forex market decline in the dollar (for example) means the price rise of the second currency and there is no such mention the collapse of shares or bonds.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Carved tomb of Julius II

Carved tomb of Julius II of the famous works of art by the artist Michelangelo Michelangelo began work on the tomb of Pope Julius II, where the altar at the end of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome. Michelangelo wanted to be allocated Tsamemath initial base of the grave, it is three layers down the shooting scene victory of slaves and free them and above them, there were four forms of sitting include Moses and St. Paul Finally angels either carrying a coffin or the Pope. Finally, within the general format there are about forty Ttamoda a problem with the project if gathered beside each other of the three-storey building. However, the employment and expansions has been narrowed considerably and wide by pressures of work and other projects, which therefore postponed the completion of this work. In the end only three types of manufacturing Michelangelo placed on the grave by the Church of Rome settled in San Piero, Vinsuli. This was the most powerful forms portraying Moses in 1515 and the sculpture is a living example of the ability to grant Michael rock rigid life and movement. Photos where Moses Macho muscle man's body sat stooped slightly to the left and headed to lie right to be considered strongly to the Division angrily They Babdon false god can be seen by a push back to give you the impression there are about standing directly from the intensity of anger. It is noteworthy that, when finished carving of the statue said to him I speak of course, Mr. Moussa did not answer the fight statue in the knees and breaking a small part of it is located far

Global Positioning System

Usually Matstaml word Ji PSV to refer to the issue by the United States of America-NAVSTAR GPS. NAVSTAR-GPS is the abbreviation for Navigational Satellite Timing and Ranging - Global Positioning System, is the GPS of the United States Department of Defense, upon which most civilian applications known. Income GPS service in the scope of American 17.07.2007 but it is not the only one of its kind globally there are several similar systems such as the Russian GLONASS system, or Glonass Preparing under development and research such as Galileo in Europe and some similar regulations in China, India and Japan.

Johnny Depp

Born John Christopher Dib second on June 9, 1963. A representative American, was nominated for the Academy Awards, known Baheboh to perform roles alien.

After his grandfather's death close to his family moved to Florida where it originated Johnny Depp, was the separation of their parents during adolescence reason for the push to secede from the study at the secondary level, learning guitar instrumentals and joined the team called Kids Rock where toured throughout Florida, then moved to Los Angeles where the band split, forcing Johnny to work selling ink pens over the phone. Johnny Depp married for the first time in 1983 1984 and Johnny taking lessons Representation in the studio in Los Angeles, and in the meantime it has led Dorin him a second session in the movie Private Resort and the movie Platoon, but not known for Johnny until after his performance in the role of Tom Hanson series 21 Jump Street where topped the picture magazines for a period of three years. Surprised when the public before the role of a pirate captain Jack Sparrow in a series of films Pirates of the Caribbean first leg, which was named Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the black pearl produced in 2003 2006, a production company Disney, although personal represented by the strange and sometimes disgusting and despicable, but his style is ridiculous distinctive able to achieve the highest income, especially as it was before releasing the film critics to criticize the film and it is directed to children, especially Disney movies tradition that the Disney World amusement park called shoulder Pirates of the Caribbean, but on the contrary very pleased critics of the film and found it very interesting and appropriate for all people and ages. Currently Disney Company started producing the third part of the film especially since the end of the story suggest the beginning of the second part is the third part of the search for Jack Sparrow, who lost in the last second part. Got the title of men more attractive neighborhoods more than once because of the talented and placed beside Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise although most figures that represented rock show is not ugly or beautiful Unlike Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise who depend on the outside often in the form of representation. == == == Months his movies Ctive (acteur) == 1984: Les Griffes de la nuit (A Nightmare On Elm Street), de Wes Craven ... Glen Lantz 1985: Private Resort Jack ... 1986: Platoon, d'Oliver Stone ... Private Gator Lerner 1987: 21 Jump Street (série télévisée) ... Officier Tom Hanson 1990: Cry-Baby, de John Waters ... Wade Cray-Baby Walker 1990: Edward aux mains d'argent (Edward Scissorhands), de Tim Burton Edward ... 1993: Arizona Dream, d'Emir Kusturica ... Alex Blackmar 1993: Benny & Joon, de Jeremiah S. Chechik Sam ... 1993: Gilbert Grape (What's Eating Gilbert Grape), de Lasse Hallström Gilbert Grape ... 1994: Ed Wood, de Tim Burton ... Ed Wood 1995: Don Juan DeMarco, de Jeremy Leven ... Don Juan 1995: Dead Man, de Jim Jarmusch ... William Blake 1995: Meurtre en suspens (Nick of Time), de John Badham ... Gene Watson 1997: Donnie Brasco, de Mike Newell ... Donnie Brasco / Joe Pistone 1997: The Brave, de Johnny Depp ... Raphael 1998: Las Vegas Parano (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), de Terry Gilliam ... Raoul Duke 1999: La Neuvième porte (The Ninth Gate), de Roman Polanski ... Dean Corso 1999: Intrusion (The Astronaut's Wife), de Rand Ravich ... Commandant Spencer Armacost 1999: Sleepy Hollow, de Tim Burton ... Ichabod Crane 2000: Le Chocolat, de Lasse Hallström ... Roux 2000: Avant la nuit de Julian Schnabel ... Lieutenant Victor 2001: The Man Who Cried, de Sally Potter ... Cesar 2001: Blow, de Ted Demme ... George Jung 2001: From Hell, d'Albert Hughes et Allen Hughes ... Inspecteur Frederich Abberline 2003: Pirates des Caraïbes 1: La Malédiction du Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean 1: The Curse of the Black Pearl), de Gore Verbinski ... Capitaine Jack Sparrow 2003: Il était une fois au Mexique (Once Upon a Time in Mexico), de Robert Rodriguez ... George Sands 2003: Lost in la Mancha de Keith Fulton et Louis Pepe ... 2004: Fenêtre secrète (Secret Window), de David Koepp ... Mort Rainey 2004: Neverland (Finding Neverland), de Marc Forster ... Sir James Mathew Barry 2004: Rochester, le dernier des libertins (The Libertine), de Laurence Dunmore ... Rochester 2005: Charlie et la chocolaterie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), de Tim Burton ... Willy Wonka 2005: Les Noces funèbres (Corpse Bride), de Tim Burton (voix) ... Victor Dort 2006: Pirates des Caraïbes 2: Le Secret du Coffre Maudit (Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest), de Gore Verbinski ... Capitaine Jack Sparrow 2007: Pirates des Caraïbes 3: Jusqu'au bout du monde (Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End), de Gore Verbinski ... Capitaine Jack Sparrow 2007: Sweeney Todd, de Tim Burton ... Sweeny Todd 2008: Shantaram, de Gregory David Roberts ... Lindsay =

Columbia (space shuttle)Columbia

Columbia (space shuttle) crash over central Texas during his return from a trip into outer space February 2, 2003, which lasted 16 days, killing all seven crew members

Experts attributed the reasons for the break-up of thermal imbalance in the separation, which assesses the shuttle back to Earth when the high temperature. , Has been destroyed part of this separation (the lower part of the Black Shuttle) through collision spare spongiform from the Plesetsk launch a shuttle wing at takeoff. After numerous experiments experts concluded that although it was difficult to damage the shuttle wing piece spongiform but it can if hit wing angle and speed in certain, they re Scenario in the laboratory. When journey back to Earth leaked hot gas separation through thermal and took a destructive path across the shuttle and led to the recent explosion of the shuttle